Akshaansh Jain

Dear Dr.Chirag A Shah,
This is a long pending email and honestly words are short to express our gratitude. You have given us a new life in true sense.
It was October 13 (last year) when our son Akshaansh Jain (now 3.7 years), feel ill and we never knew a small viral infection will lead to such a critical illness (Aplastic Anemia)
Our world changed and then began the endless chase and struggle . With almost 2 months in hospital, consultation with the best doctors in mumbai, running down on finances and to our despair no treatment. What we went through was unexplainable.
When we had almost given up and we were handed over a booklet by our family doctor with details, the cases you had handled, your team and about the high end facilities of Apollo CBCC, there was a ray of hope and we immediately headed to Ahmedabad overnight on 30th December 13.
Rest is history, with the correct diagnosis to the correct line of treatment to the special wards, best doctors, specialized team, the treatment for Akshaansh finally started.
Much to our relief there was this selfless team of doctors who made sure that thy leave no stone unturned to save his life.
The entire CBCC and other teams not only understood our pain but comforted us day and night. The situation was grave but your smile was our constant hope and deep down we had a realization that everything will be fine soon.
Needless to talk about your expertise (everyone knows it) but what we will like to mention is your humane approach, the sensitivity and selfless service of the entire team. We have found god in each one of you.
Dr. Pushkar thank you for being so patient with us even in your busiest of schedule. For answering our frequent calls even after we left Ahmedabad . Thank you for all the special tips on parenting, your detailed talks, you truly make a great pediatrician.
Dr. Ravish for extending your help and support till now with always a smile on your face. For answering all our queries from time to time.
Dr. Geeta for your sheer optimism and support.
Dr Maharishi and Dr Shah for comforting us in all the panic we went through during surgeries.
Sister Upasana ,Bijju brother, Sis.Dhania, Komal, Priyanka, Heena, Anu, Sonal, Vincy and the entire team for nursing him so well like your own child and praying for him. For all love and affection you have showered on him till date.
Apollo team for such a great facility, best doctors, excellent canteen and dietitians, superb management and staff.

Today Akshaansh is steadily recovering and we are all living a normal life, all due to your effort.He remembers each one of you. We wish and pray all patients get doctors like you, who put their heart before minds, who know the value of life and who will go all those extra miles to bring that life back.
We wish you continued success!
Akshay and Shikha Jain
28th September, 2013


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