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Hemato-Oncology-32-Lymphoma-Hodgkin – Treatment (1)


Question: Dr. Chiragbhai, thank you for explaining in last part about Hodgkin Disease. Now can you tell us how to treat this disease?

Answer: Hodgkin Lymphoma is treated with chemotherapy regimen ABVD in most cases. After several years of research and comparison with various new regimens, ABVD still remains the most effective and safest regimen, also much easier to use.

Earlier treatment included regimens like MOPP and large doses of radiotherapy, with less cure rates and serious long term side effects.

Que: What are the advances in management?

Ans: As discussed, ABVD remains the standard, with few other regimens in selected cases as option e.g. Stanford V, BEACOPP.

However, most important advance is the knowledge that early stage patients, stage 1, 2 do not need all six cycles of chemotherapy. They can be treated with 2-4 cy