Rectal Cancer patient Testimony – Valjibhai

I, Valjibhai  Patel was diagnosed with advanced Rectal Cancer (T3N2). I consulted few doctors in India, who advised immediate surgery, with a permanent colostomy (diversion of stool from abdomen wall). We did not like this option and hence we wanted to find out if there was any way to make the cancer smaller and reduce extent of surgery. Therefore, we met Dr. Chirag A. Shah, who is expert in treating cancers with medicines. He suggested use of chemotherapy simultaneously with radiotherapy first to reduce size of cancer.
At the same time, my son who is a doctor in USA was also talking to specialists there. He discussed my case with over 20 experts there. All of them advised the same way as was advised by Dr. Chirag Shah.
I underwent chemotherapy and radiation under his guidance, with very good results. Then I went to USA, where my evaluation showed excellent reduction in size of tumor. This allowed surgeon there to operate on me with little difficulty. He could complete the operation within one and half hour and most importantly colostomy was avoided.
To be a Cancer Survivor and getting cured from disease, it is very important to receive the right guidance for treatment. Today, I am very happy to have this new lease of life from Dr. Chirag A. Shah.